Ideation/ Sketching/ Mockups  

FEB 2020

I have designed and developed a personal brand for myself. This brand is now my visual identity and how people will recognise my work.


Starting on paper is one thing I always do.  I wanted an identity that was tasteful and memorable so I exhausted my ideas. I love motion and minimalism so I based most of my ideas off of that. I tried to design myself something that I would love forever whilst making something that people would easily remember. At the start of the design process, I only wanted to design one identity mark but then decided to develop a monogram, visual and word marque to have.  

You can find below my initial drawings of all three brand identity marks.


After my sketches I digitalised the monogram, word mark and visual mark and further developed them until they looked they way I wanted. I began experimenting with colour, layout, and form to blend the three marks together. I prototyped the monogram and word mark together onto business cards and thats when I realised that I had found what I was looking for.


Once I was finished with the digital development and refining of the three marks, I designed brand guidelines to explain my visual identity. These guidelines included aspects such as; Clear space, Sizing, Colour schemes, Font, Layout, and Missuse.


Throughout this project I experienced many challenges which I had to quickly overcome. When designing my monogram I couldn’t quite get the curves right and had to strip it back completely and rethink. I then used circle guides and tools on Adobe Illustrator to help make it perfect. I also had quite a difficult time with my word mark and couldn't quite match it with the monogram. I realised after research and feedback that a simple word mark using an elegant font was the perfect match for such a crazy looking monogram and visual mark.