Animation/ Promotions/

JUNE 2019 - NOV 2020

I have designed and animated motion graphic sequences for music artists and record labels in the ‘house music’ genre.


When I start a motion design project I always begin with research. I usually find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube and I love experimenting with new effects and techniques to further discover new ways of doing things.


I will usually always have an idea of what I want to do when I begin developing animations and motion graphics. There isn't really plan or one process I go by each time. I usually develop them around the music so I let the it guide the way. Syncing the art to the beat and the rhythm is one thing i always do as It creates a unique composition.


I design mainly for dance music records labels and individual artists but I tend to find inspiration to create things for myself. I try to stick to very specific  styles for each of my clients to variate them from each other but the main style that I go for is flat, 2D animation a that is the style that I know and love.


Motion design is currently something I love to do in my spare time but I have ambitions of developing my skills further and getting my work out there. I am very interested in tour visuals in large warehouse venues and would love to work with companies such as AVA, Shine, and Jika Jika