User Research, Content Curation, Usability Testing, Prototyping, UI Design

NOV 2020

Designing for the user. Creating a fun new way for children to learn the periodic table.


The aim was to create something that would make learning the periodic table fun and enjoyable. As a kid it's difficult to learn and absorb complex information so making it fun would ultimately enhance the experience they have and hopefully teach them something. I began by mind mapping all of my initial thoughts and ideas onto a page as this helps me revise and develop them further.


I wanted to make my user the centre of attention and so I conducted extensive research into existing kids games and apps to get a feel for what was expected. I also analysed existing periodic table apps to gather relevant information that I could apply to my own product. I designed a brand for the game and focused on colour and layout to make it as user friendly as possible. Content planning and wire framing also played a big part in the development stage in order to get my ideas flowing.


After designing everything on paper and proceeded to Adobe Photoshop and Figma where I digitalised and organised my content. I focused on visual grammar and prototyping in order to showcase my product properly. Usability testing throughout the process was also crucial to the development of this game.


Throughout this project I learned a lot about UX design and user centred design. I also learned a lot more about the design process and how important each stage is. Researching users and their needs is essentially the most crucial part of this process and it should be focused on the most. If you don't thinking about the person you are designing for, then what really is the point of it? With this project I also gained a lot of experience and knowledge of Figma and prototyping designs and experiences. These are also vital stages that should must be considered with design alongside extensive usability testing.